Halal Poultry

fj110Our fresh Individually Hand Slaughtered B.C. Muslim Assocation approved Halal poultry is processed at a Local state-of-the-art, CFIA Inspected and HACCP accredited faciltity. We make sure that you get the best quality product at the best price; always.

CK922  Breast, Boneless / Skin On
CK925  Breast, Boneless / Skinless
CK920  Breast, Bone-in / Skin-on
CK9250 Chicken, Trim White
CK995 Cornish Hens
CK915 Drums
CK965 Feet
CK919 Fryers “A”, Whole
CK9191 Fryers, Halves
CK986 Gizzards
CK980 Livers
CK982 Hearts
CK910 Legs
CK912 Legs, Boneless
CK914 Legs, Boneless / Skinless
CK902 Legs, Back Attached
CK984 Necks
CK901 Ground, Premium
CK943 Thighs, Bone-in
CK941 Thighs, Boneless
CK940 Thighs, Boneless / Skinless
CK952 Wings, Split
CK950 Wings, Whole
CK970 Fowl – Mature Fryers “A”, Whole


TK919 Turkey – Whole, Fresh
TK921 Turkey -Whole, Frozen

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